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The nest is... 

A creative warehouse space in the creative heart of Sydney, run by artists for artists - housing Australian creators, makers and shakers. The Nest boasts a large number of studio and office spaces, hot desks and event spaces available to hire.

Individual studios are set up around the perimeter of the space, leaving a large open space to be used communally or available to hire for workshops, photo shoots and various events.

The kitchen and communal area are tucked into a corner of the space and a flight of astroturfed stairs lead upstairs to a rehearsal studio and another floor of studios and Mad Men office spaces. The industrial spaces has been greened up with a jungle of indoor plants - an aspect that Moto, the warehouse cat is very fond of. 

Nesters have free reign to do whatever they like within their zone, but keeping the space open plan is part of the ethos that encourages community and collaboration, so there is a ‘no walls’ policy. Instead spaces are divided by waist high partitions.

We are a collective of Artists, Costume designers, Ceramicists, Fashion Designers, Graphic Designers, Producers, Painters, Sculptors, Sign Writers, Textile Artists, Industrial Designers, Florists and so much more.

Founded in 2013, the duo responsible for the nest are husband and wife team Missy Gilbert and Daniel Bourne. By day they are the directors of I Made This, creating bespoke interior fit outs, art installations and visual merchandising displays. By night, they are musicians - indie pop duo Ginger and The Ghost.