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Make some beautiful porcelain tree decorations, napkin rings or table decorations with leading Australian ceramicist Marie-Helene Clauzon.

This the perfect workshop to let you explore your creativity and make your first ceramic pieces. Under the guidance of Marie-Helene you will create stylish porcelain ornaments to hang on a Xmas tree, a wreath, or use as napkin rings as well as name tags for a very stylish Xmas table.

FUN WITH MUD - Workshop



The latest solo exhibition for Sydney artist George Hambov aka: APESEVEN.  

‘Lazarus Rising’ is an emotive depiction of Apeseven’s journey over the last 18 months. After breaking his leg in a serious accident George had to learn how to walk on his left leg again. The title, also the name of his largest work in the show is a symbol of renewal after tragedy. Through injury, reconciliation and rehabilitation he brings this tapestry of landscape, symbolism and form; woven with notes of disconnect and rebirth. Often fragile and beautiful with an old world aesthetic that bewitches the observer.

Apeseven’s play on life and death is recognisable with his works having a comprehensive visual presence. Often challenging in nature, asking the observer to question relationships between form, time and space.

Over Apeseven’s 15 years long career he has exhibited in Australia, USA and Europe. His work found both on the street, in galleries and in numerous publications. Freehand aerosol and traditional brush techniques are evident with works primarily incorporating mixed media (acrylics, aerosol, inks, found paper and objects). Apeseven’s current works focus on complex bio-feedback driven loops involving a tapestry of pattern, animals and skeletal structures.

Proudly presented by, Au Creative Network, Aisle6ix, Studio9 Framing,, The Nest Creative Space and I am George wines.

Opening: Friday 30th November - 6pm-9pm
Exhibition closes: 4th December



Let’s get WHOLISTIC in our INDOOR JUNGLE! Start your Saturday morning right and join us for mindful movement with the breath, pranayama and meditation. 

Intro offer of $15. Please bring your own mat.


Past events at The Nest


Opening Launch Night

Over 40 Nester creatives contributed to the opening launch night of The (newly relocated and renovated) Nest Creative Space. The Building was overflowing with over 300 Creative Culture makers, artisans, musicians, performers, movers and shakers who set the tone for an exciting chapter of one of Sydney’s largest Creative Studios. 


Nights @ The Nest

Nights @ The Nest are a series of immersive sensory experiences by the creative team here at The Nest. 

It was all a dream 


Anoatomical Botanical

I AM A CLICHE - Pop Up Shop

A special launch of the latest collections from Alice Edgeley's (of Melbourne based fashion label EDGELEY) meticulously designed outfits adorned with the plastique fantastique accessories of Nikita Majajas (Sydney's DOODAD + FANDANGO).

Both labels have earned a cult following among Australia (and beyond!) for fashion lovers who can't find satisfaction shopping at the mall. Instead these designers offer their clientele ethically made designs produced in Australia that are packed full of humour, pop culture references and pure class! Their latest collections are inspired by the femme in pop culture, so expect plenty of pink, poodles and VAMP!

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