Alex Stevenson

Graphic designer, digital artist, animator, illustrator & DJ Al Dente. 

Alisha Rich

By night Alisha is a sydney based watercolour artist. 

With over a decade in the fashion industry, Rich’s influences from the runway shape her stories of colour on paper.

A lover of emotive work, watercolour portraiture is the framework of her expressions. 

By day Alisha’s focus is Event Styling and concept design across some of Sydney’s most loved venues. Experimenting and delivering beautiful sculptural installations and immersive experiences. 

Alisha started her creative journey as Window and Event Specialist at David Jones in her early 20’s, addicted to capturing public attention through use of colour and new visual materials. Her background in beautiful silent story-telling a trademark in the industry

Amplify Events

The Amplify team are experiential alchemists, blending brand objectives with creative, innovative & strategic applications to craft a vibrant experience with impact and longevity.

For over a decade we’ve been creating award-winning events, sensory immersions and world class experiences across multiple areas including structural, digital and technical execution. We love our clients and work passionately to deliver outstanding results that connect and move people at every touchpoint.

Avril Gilmore

A fresh new name in art and textile design, Sydney born artist and Fine Arts graduate Avril Gilmore is blurring the lines between fine art and humble homewares.

With a passion for geometric forms and finding innovative ways for them to interact, whether in print or in her striking rug designs, Avril is influenced by Bridget Riley, Sonia Delaunay, street art, fashion and textiles.

Always looking for new ways to express herself and her love of both colour and monochromatic palettes, Avril enjoys working with mixed media, including acrylic paint, watercolours, gouache and ink.


Christelle Hug

Christelle Hug is an Artist & Industrial Designer. She explores the concept of reality through two styles of art making: detailed graphite drawings and semi abstract paintings depicting an alternate reality created by thought.

Painting the subject matter how it is felt rather than how it is seen, she uses vibrant and bold colours to stimulate the emotions of the observer, exploring the idea that if our emotions create our reality then perhaps a change in emotion will lead to a change in how we experience reality. The two contrasting styles reflect how things are while presenting an idea of how things could be, opening up the analytical mind to the possibility of creative thinking. 

Claus Stangl

Creating large-scale paintings, primarily in acrylic, Claus explores a range of subjects inspired by science, humanity and photography. Based in Redfern, he’s one of the longest residing artists at the Nest, making it his creative home in 2015.

As a global Creative Strategist for Facebook, Claus spends his working days in the capacity of a consultant and collaborator – bolstering brands and agencies across Asia-Pacific. The fusion of art and science has been a key feature across his working career; now also a theme that’s evident and evolving with his more conceptual pieces of art.

The process begins with clean, minimal photography to frame and art direct each scene. This imagery is then scaled-up by hand onto a canvas using the grid method. Diluted acrylic is then applied – as hundreds of sheer layers of free-falling drips that build depth and texture, each layer breathing a weight of life and soul into the subject.

With little time to spare, you’re likely to find him at the Nest from around 6am and late into the evening. 


Deborah Munday

My artwork is largely emotive and always evolving. My earlier work depicts turbulent skies and moving scenes in the landscape. I grew up in country Victoria where we were rowed across the river to get to school,. Surrounded by waterways yet close to the snowy mountains, my memories of storms, bushfires, bonfires, UFO stories and hours spent cloud and star gazing have now found a place in my paintings. Many of these works contain the elements of earth, air, fire and water and communicate the beauty and unpredictability of natural phenomena.. Magnification and blurring of lights and light particles is now my fascination, as I explore through painting, the limitless mystery and essence of visual perception.. I have sold many paintings over the years, mostly to private collectors and commissions. 

Evelyn Konstantinou


Eugene D’Souza

From fluorescent lettering on candy wrappers, to military ballistics diagrams – I am captivated by signs. As a largely representational painter, I tend to question the nature of representation in my work. In so doing there emerges an elusive play between signs and their referents. For me just about anything, can start to creep away from its comfortable everyday meaning, into uncanny territory where what its significance is up for grabs. I like to think of my work as free-floating worlds – tableaus of oddities populated by animals, people and things, that explore signification across worlds.

I tend to arrange things together intuitively to create a visual poem, where the real and the stylised jostle for space. The viewer is invited to plunge into a freeze-framed fever-dream unmoored from familiar contexts – to question for themselves the nature of meaning and salience. My source material includes amongst other things: nature, communication in the biosphere, scientific notation, technical drawings and the experience of everyday objects.

George Hambov

George Hambov aka Apeseven grew up in the 1980's Sydney skateboard scene . Spending most of his time exploring industrial areas of Sydney,  Apeseven predominantly approaches work with a street art perspective with an underpinning of recontextualization,  this recontextualisation coming from years of skateboarding transforming his physical interactions into a new visual alchemy. Freehand aerosol and traditional brush techniques are evident with works primarily incorporating mixed media (acrylics, aerosol, inks, found paper and objects.)

Apeseven's current works focus on complex bio-feedback driven loops involving a tapestry of pattern, animals and skeletal structures.

Ginger and The Ghost

Multi-dimensional artists Ginger and the Ghost have created an all encompassing music project using film/costume/spacial design/installation art and audio/visual elements to immerse themselves in their thematic concepts “the dreamstate” and upcoming “future primitive”.

They have built a grassroots following in Europe across the indie festival circuit with their unique musical vision drawing on Luminaries such as Björk, Fever Ray, Bat for Lashes and Iamamiwhoami. Their avant- garde approach has captivated festival audiences with highly theatrical and visually compelling live shows, at B-sides, Malta, Serralves Em Festa, Milhoes da Festa, Sinsal, Meadows In The Mountains, sharing the stage with Destroyer, Chelsea Wolfe, Jacco Gardner and Young Magic. 

Jo Fabro 

Vocalist, Voice Specialist

Jo Fabro has been making her mark on the Australian music scene since 2003. A powerful and dynamic vocalist - Jo lends her voice to jazz, soul and blues music with great tenacity and a unique style which is all her own. 

Jo currently devotes much of her time working as a voice specialist, and is fast developing a reputation as one of the best Singing Teachers in Sydney - specialising in jazz and soul vocals. She teaches privately, as well as at The Australian Institute of Music, and at some of Sydney's most exclusive schools such as Sydney Grammar, St Catherine's Anglican School. 


Jordan Clarke

Jordan Clarke is a mish-mash of artist and designer. Providing design services with a particular emphasis on branding and print design, she also has a special interest in infographics.

Jordan also creates intricately detailed embroidered artworks and has a new focus on a multi media approach exploring raw, gestural movement on a larger scale.

Jules Malkin

Trained in Cape Tome in London at St Martins School of Art. Exhibited in Cape Town, London, Brighton and private collections in Sydney. I work in various types of acrylic based paint on canvass and am interested in process in my work - disrupting the notion of composition and form. 

My colours and process are influenced by light, landscape and the marine environment. My current work is deeply concerned with an exploration of the above.

"The Nest is the perfect place for creativity to thrive!" 

Kirsty Baros

Kirsty Barros is a freelance Designer, Stylist & creative consultant currently based in Australia.
In 2010 Kirsty launched her own label in Makers of Belief, curating and styling vintage ranges and customising pieces for prominent retailers including Sportsgirl, Belinda, Arabella Ramsay and her own webstore.  
Kirsty's styling work has not just been restricted to the traditional fashion/ editorial path. Her inherent understanding of the power of clothing to elevate and transform, and a love of theatrics and music, has led her to work as a stylist for many bands including Client Liaison, Total Giovanni, No Zu and George Maple.
Kirsty’s avid appreciation and interest in music has inspired the creation of stage costumes for CLIENT LIASON and styling music videos.  Also teaming up with the band to design their sell out launch fashion line in 2016.
’Subversive' probably best describes Kirsty's approach to fashion, but her eye for detail and opinion are valued by many fashion heavyweights including Lucy Folk and she continues to consult for brands today.
From Creative concepts, styling and Art Direction through to Design and production, Kirsty Barros has a broad vision and experience to cover almost every facet of the industry.

Krzysztof Lech

Managing director for prepackaging solutions at PREPAC PTY LTD.

We are an Australian company built on European experience and knowledge.
Prepac specialises in complete packing solutions for the food industry.
Our wide range of packaging and sealing machines works perfectly for businesses of all sizes.
Whether you are a small local cafe or a big manufacturer, we can offer you the ideal packaging solutions to fit all your requirements.  

Laura Baxter

Designer. Illustrator. Photographer. Dreamer

Lauren Eaton

Lauren Eaton is an Australian-born creative and maker based in Sydney, Australia.

With a desire to create something unique and hand-crafted, but with no formal training, Lauren spent years developing a new set of skills that would help create Home by Harlequin. From casting to working with silicone and resin, she taught herself techniques to create objects that are fresh and refined, whilst staying true to her desire to make them functional yet playful.

There is a simplicity in these vessels that belies the difficulties encountered in using such unexpected materials, yet Lauren's unwavering patience and perseverance has resulted in a playful collection; a collection that surprises and delights.


Lisle Spence

I work in oil, on canvas or linen, sometimes on marine ply. 

Painting has always fascinated me. The challenge of creating the illusion of real objects with paint. But especially representing people, the human form. I love the masters, including Velasquez, Vermeer, Waterhouse, Sargent, Degas, Gaugin and plenty of others. But you can forget Picasso!

"Even though I live in the Blue Mountains, I love the city. The Nest provides a place where I can work alone, interact with other artists if I want to and get the stimulation of the city in a really supportive environment."

Louise Dwyer

FOUNDET Creative emerges the multidisciplinary practice of combined commercial graphic designer, object designer, illustrator and sculpture maker. My practice surrounds graphic forms and the reuse of upcycled materials- my main objective as a artist/ designer being to contribute to the sustainable shift in youth culture and style. Conceptually aesthetically and personally I have a passion for old authentic traditional design styles. The fact that designs from the 1950's still stand strong today, proves that we don’t need to complicate things. By sticking to just a few colours & typefaces, I can create strong, memorable brand identities. I find beauty in texture and hand drawn type and am interested in taking inspiration from something old & re-developing it into something new & fresh. This can also be seen through my personal style and object design. I am a hoarder at heart and have a passion for the collection and re selling of quality made antiques, clothing and vintage designs styles. This has developed into a devotion to the sustainable use of up cycled materials in my object design and sculpture. As I like to say- I ‘FOUNDET! Humans are the only animals in nature that leave behind a garbage trail when they walk. I aim to continuously look at waste in a sociological perspective to upcycle and recreate new products that reuse materials which otherwise would have been disposed of.


Born on opposite sides of the world, a hunger for new adventures and a passion for the creative industry meant our paths collided in 2011 when we became colleagues at a Sydney based advertising agency. Fast forward 3 years, a great friendship, a brief stint as house mates and a shared appreciation for the overwhelming talent of Australian designers and producers, we find ourselves living in Melbourne and launching LVLY.

LVLY was conceived with one simple purpose: to create more happy surprises for people, more smiles, more fun. We’re determined to support local producers and designers so we place a big focus on sourcing close to home.

Verity and Hannah xx

Marnie Ross

My work is a response to organic forms and the ever-changing designs created by light, movement and time.

This experience is translated through a range of techniques. My exploration of both printmaking and painting allows each process to inform and enhance the other. Printmaking techniques have a very strong influence on the way the paint is applied, and often wiped away leaving a shadowy residue highlighting the textures of the surface. Activation of the surface is an integral part of my practice and adds to the diversity of mark and allows a more spontaneous and confident mark to emerge.

Extensive use of layering in these works, emulates the natural processes, shadows and subtle variations in texture and light and thus a complexity is revealed in seemingly simple structures.

With a strong focus on shape, outlines and shadows, natural forms are accentuated and abstracted to create interesting compositions reminiscent of natural layering and evolving light patterns. 

Nicole Sacks



Ponderance Collective

 Ponderance Collective is a creative and research consultancy empowering our clients and building impactful brands that spread the message about caring for people and planet.


Sarah White

Sarah White (1980) is a Sydney-based artist, writer and scientist. Awarded a Bachelor of Science (Hons) from the University of Sydney in 2004, and a Doctorate in Medicine in 2009, Sarah has had a productive decade-long career in research and as a medical writer. In 2015 she took a hiatus from academia to focus on art, attending the Florence Academy of Art's six week intensive painting program. In 2016 she cofounded Art Escape Italy, a company offering high-end art retreats with master artists in Tuscany. She currently works from her studio in Sydney, Australia, though is also frequently found in Florence and Stockholm.

Seema Stamou

Seema Stamou is a Sydney-based visual artist working mostly in the ceramic medium. She creates unique pieces and adores the asymmetrical form which you can see in her work: bowls with uneven sides and textured surfaces, lopsided pots and curved abstract sculptures

Suriya Black

I specialise in composite retouching. I love condensing the creative and technical strength of the photographer's work with the visual conceptualisation of the production team. I take great pleasure in combining various elements to construct an image that would be almost impossible to capture in the camera alone.

I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree (Photomedia) from the University of New South Wales, experience in printing hundreds of colour prints at a pro lab in Pioneer Studios (now Sun Studios) and over 10 years working as a photographic retoucher for fashion, food, film and advertising clients. It's with this wealth of experience that I am able to draw on multiple areas of discipline to produce highly skilled and professional retouching work.

Sydney Facile

SydneyFacile specialises in French and European backpackers wishing to visit or settle in Sydney. Its creators, Yan Martinez and Mickael Lechalier, were both born and raised in France and have lived in Sydney, Australia for many years. They are the best contact for any Francophile coming to Sydney on either a working Holiday Visa or a Student Visa or for any European folks wanting to organise a Road Trip or simply experience the best of what Australia has to offer. SydneyFacile is set up as a full travel agent and can make anything happen at a very affordable price for Backpackers and students alike.



Tom Keukenmeester

Tom Keukenmeester, born in Adelaide, is a contemporary Australian Artist. His work has been shown across Australia in galleries and exhibitions. Tom Keukenmeester returned to Australia in 2013 to begin working as a professional artist after four years of traveling for work and study. Having always drawn and painted Tom chose to return to Australia in order to take his artistic practice more seriously. During his time living in London, New York and Montreal, Tom continuously developed his self taught artistic skills; drawing and painting. Tom completed his undergraduate at the University of South Australia in 2013 after returning from studies at Concordia University, Montreal. He also studied Art History at the University of Adelaide and has studied Drawing at Adelaide Central School of Art. Recently Tom's work has been selected as a finalist in the 2017 Royal South Australian Society of Arts Biennial Portrait Prize (Winning the RSASA award), 2017 Cliftons Art Prize, 2016 Fleurieu Art Prize, 2016 Loreto Star Portrait, 2015 Lethbridge Art Prize, the 2014 Cossack Art Prize and the 2014 Royal South Australian Society of Arts Youth Art Prize.

Too Easy Travel Agency

Too Easy Travel was create by backpackers, for backpackers with the expertise in travel and adventure! We ensure an easier, cheaper solution to get your self-drive Dream-Australian-Holiday underway.

Too EASY Travel is a ‘one stop shop’ for backpackers and budget travelers planning their road trip around Australia or simply along the coast in the right vehicle.

As a proud and established Australian car and camper-van company, we have over 10 years combined experience in car sales and have helped travelers from all over the world to find their dream car with all the equipment needed!

Tyrone Layne

I'm a full-time Sydney based painter working mainly with oil on canvas. Everyday life, social media, current events, are the main influences behind my work. I’m also very interested in the New York school of Abstract Expressionists from the 50’s which sparked a shift in my painting style.

"I’ve been very happy with my new window side studio at the Nest. It’s a great positive space, with a good bunch of people to work alongside."

Vic Zee

Vic Zee is often referred to as one of the original godfathers of the Sydney underground techno scene.Vic Zee’s involvement with electronic dance music had its genesis within the context of the now legendary Sydney warehouse rave scene in the 1990s, where Vic performed on a regular basis whilst still constantly perfecting and fine-tuning his turntablist/mixing skills.Overall Vic Zee’s mission for more than two decades has always been about spreading the UNDERGROUND TECHNO SOUND, for better or worse he has always stayed true to the movement he is totally passionate about; techno with a tougher psychedelic twist.


Wendy Cohen

Wendy Cohen was born in Cape Town, South Africa and currently resides in Sydney, Australia. As Africa is in her blood, she is continually inspired by its rich and majestic culture. This is evident in her creative endeavours that investigate space, structural designs and architecture.

Her works, multilayered and thickly textured, are painted in bold and bright colours in order to create a positive ambience, as well as a playful and vibrant movement. They welcome the viewer into the canvas, as though participating in the creation of the canvas and bridging the gap between viewer and artwork.

Creating freedom of expression without categorization, Wendy wishes to transcend the disconnection between the painting and the viewer by inviting the viewer to see the authentic spatial power of the works, thus removing barriers and pre-conceived judgments.


Emiel Saada

Emiel Saada

Manuela Strano

Manuela Strano

Milly Dent

Milly Dent

Staple and Seed

Staple and Seed

Unplanned America

Unplanned America

Reso & Co.

Reso & Co.

Gilbert Grace

Gilbert Grace

Flora Waycott

Flora Waycott

Andrew Stinear

Andrew Stinear

Bertie Blackman

Bertie Blackman

Cara Landsman

Cara Landsman

Joi Murugavell

Joi Murugavell

Amy Roser

Amy Roser

Melissa Katherine

Melissa Katherine

Appetite For Decoration

Appetite For Decoration

Clara Viguer

Clara Viguer